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DSL is the acronym for Digital Subscriber Line technology. DSL is a common internet service that makes use of the old copper phone lines to significantly increase bandwidth between the phone companies and their customers. DSL is a service that everyone should have if they are using a standard dial-up connection and want faster internet.

The DSL service uses your existing phone line and does not require an additional phone line. This gives you 24 hour access and does not tie up your line and cause it to have a busy signal if you’re on the web. In its various forms DSL offers users a choice of speeds ranging from 32 Kbps to more than 50 Mbps. These digital services can be used to deliver bandwidth-intensive applications like video on demand and distance learning.

Today DSL is putting high-speed Internet access within the reach of homes, small and medium-size businesses. DSL takes existing voice cables and turns them into a high-speed digital link. Over any given link, the maximum DSL speed is determined by the distance between the customer site and the Central Office.

Interactive Systems offers a range of speeds so customers can choose the rate that meets their specific business needs. At the customer premises, a DSL modem connects the DSL line to a local-area network (LAN) or an individual computer. Once installed, the DSL modem provides the customer site with continuous connection to the Internet.

Plans and Pricing

Residential Basic - $34.95

Residential Deluxe - $39.95

Residential Pro - $44.95

Business Basic - $44.95

Business Deluxe - $49.95

Business Pro - $54.95


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