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DSL: Frequently Asked Questions

What is DSL?

DSL is a connection that uses your existing phone line for high speed access to the internet.

Why should I get DSL?

DSL is perfect for those in need of an affordable, fast internet connection that will not interrupt the home telephone.

How fast is DSL?

Our customers get internet access at speeds on average at least 10 times faster than today's dialup 56k modems.

What equipment will I need?

You will need a DSL modem to use our DSL service. Your computer will need an Ethernet card, and a firewall is recommended.

What areas do you serve?

DSL is available throughout California (some area not serviceable. Please Contact Us for more details.)

Do I need a phone line?

Yes. An active phone line for DSL is required to receive service.

How many computers can share this service?

Our DSL only works on one computer at a time. However a router may be used with our modem to allow for multiple connections. Routers are available for purchase from Interactive Systems

Do you provide customer support?

Yes. You can call our customer service line and speak to a live technician during standard business hours Monday through Friday. Our Voicemail and paging system is available 24/7.

What are some other features of your service?