Technical Support

Technical Support

Having a bad computer day?

Interactive Systems' Certified computer technicians have the knowledge and experience to work with you to resolve your PC woes. Whether you need help setting up your Internet connection or installing additional software, we have the team to get you up and running. No issue is too small or too complex for us.

Free Estimate Vs. Paid Diagnostic

For your computer to be examined for free, you must:

  • Know the history of your computer system
  • Know what components you want, and need a total replacement cost (parts and labor)
  • Order parts only to install yourself, or you have the parts and need an estimate on the cost for us to install

Your computer will become a paid diagnostic if:

  • You do not know the history of your system
  • You do not know what is wrong with your computer
  • Interactive Systems identifies the problem
  • Any billable time less than half an hour, is still a minimum of a half hour of time, or $50.00