FTP Instructions

FTP Instructions

File Transfer Protocol: Transferring files from your computer to the server, and back again.
In your FTP client, log in to your using using the following:

Host (or server): Your website url (without "http://www")
User: Your username
Password: Your password

When you log in as above, you are connected to your website's main folder. This is where the first page your visitors see will be.

If you should forget your ftp password, you may call us at (707) 425-7100 to have it reset.

How do I transfer files using FTP?

First, log in to your site using your FTP program.

You can upload files anywhere in your website's main folder, and you can create directories within it to store files, but you should not delete, move or rename any files in your home directory that already existed there when you first logged in. These files contain important configuration settings for your hosting account, and you may render your account inoperable if you touch any of these pre-existing files.

Are there any special considerations if I use a firewall or router?

You may need to enable "passive mode" in your FTP program if you are behind a firewall or router. Look in your FTP program's settings or preferences for "passive FTP" or "PASV."