Setup E-Mail

Setup E-Mail

Use the following settings to use your email address with a mail program on your computer such as Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or OS X Mail:

Incoming Mail Server (POP)
Incoming Server:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)
Outgoing Server:
Use SSL: Yes
Use Authentication: Yes
Port: 465

Important Configuration Note!
When setting up your, or email account in your favorite email program, be sure to confirm that Log on using Secure Password Authentication is NOT checked. Having this option checked may cause issues with sending and receiving email correctly.

Login Information
Email Address: Your email address (ex.
Account User Name: Your username (not the entire email address)
Password: Your email password

Click 'Yes' if asked to accept and trust the secure connection when checking mail.
You can also check your email online with either of the following links:

Webmail (new)

Webmail (legacy)

Interactive Systems uses commercial enterprise-grade spam and virus filtering software (CanIt) to assist in keeping your inbox junk-free. You can login to your account and see pending spam, or set custom rules at the following address (use full email address here as username, with email password):

CanIt Login